Why Superman couldn’t handle Doomsday ??#superman #batman #shorts

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Darkseid in justice league

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18 thoughts on “Why Superman couldn’t handle Doomsday ??#superman #batman #shorts”

  1. Sahi kaha brother apne Superman hamesa hi holdback krta he or apni Puri power ka istemal nahi krta or ye baat man of Steel movie me kayi baar dikhayi gyi he

  2. I am a Comic geek,and I know Superman is much more powerful than Doomsday,but Superman does not want to kill anyone,even doomsday,you can read Superman comic "Superdoom"

  3. Normal superman easily Doomsday ko hra sakta he , I'll explain Doomsday apne peak me bhi stappenwolf k equal he or ye confirm he or superman already stappenwolf ko kut chuka he and or bhi reasons he