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Goofy comments during suspenseful moments provide a few chuckles and Gus’ clueless, ageing dad Richard (a runaway standout Malcom McDowell) is introduced with a visual gag that cleverly blends comedy and ghosts. For a few glorious hours, movie character costumes I was Katniss. Make sure you will order earlier if you need it urgently. Having an established presence of conventional celebrities-many of whom use the platform much like Instagram Stories-will do wonders for widening the reach of the network.

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The entire cosplay was crafted by herself, and we have to admit that the claymore is one of the coolest parts. This Estinien cosplay by Dua.cos is so beautifully crafted it feels like the NPC jumped right onto a con floor. Remember, money can buy a super deluxe Marvel Cosplay costume, but it can’t buy the spirit of a true cosplayer! A year later, parenting blogger Sachi Feris wrote an essay for Raising Race Conscious Children about why she wouldn’t let her white daughter dress up as Moana for Halloween, which went viral.