Number 1
Bruce picks up a magazine at Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party, and there is an advertisement for Barriss automobiles. George Barriss created the Batmobile for the show.

Number 2
Robin says that he knows Gymkata, and this is actually from the film Gymkata that starred another gymnast, Kurt Thomas.

Number 3
There’s a clear hint to Dick Grayson’s future as Robin if you look at his sweater. It actually has little robins printed on it.

Number 4
THe Arkham Guard who shows Barabra Gordon the viral video is actually Aaron Cash who is a recurring character in the comics and video games.

Number 5
On Harley Quinn’s costume, you can see Smylex written on it, and Smylex was the Joker Gas in the 1989 film where the Joker tried to kill people with a smile on their face.

Movie: The Lego Batman Movie

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Batman’s kill Robin, but Flash saves everyone by reversing time! Funny Animation #shorts #animation

The city of Gotham is in danger! Robin panics. He is surrounded by a mob of Batmen. Yes, there aren’t many Batmen, but there may be someone bad behind his mask. Tim Drake must recognize his father Bruce Wayne among them all. No one can be trusted. The city is full of imposters, and there are plenty of villains on the loose, such as the Joker, Bane, Lex Luthor, Reverse Flash, Black Racer, Black Adam, Venom, Doomsday, Doctor Who, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bane, Peacemaker, King Pin, Toyman, Red Hulk, Toxin, Carnage, Loki. The choice is entirely up to Robin, all in his hands. But Robin is so young and easily mistaken, so he dies. The Joker kills Robin. The clown is also guilty of making the whole town look like Batman. The Joker developed a special gas to frame the Dark Knight. Even though the Joker has already killed many, his plan will still not be carried out. The Flash goes back in time to stop the Evil Clown! Shock content!

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Batman Mixed With Ironman : The Ultimate Fusion of Batman and Iron Man #batman #ironman

Batman Mixed With Ironman : The Ultimate Fusion of Batman and Iron Man #batman #ironman

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Batman Costume Ultimate Power | Superhero Showdown Funny Cartoon Video

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