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Pin on Makeup For the fur trim, I cut two lengths of about 15 inches by 3 inches for the leg line, and two for the neckline that were 20 inches by 4 inches. For the legline trim, I hemmed the leg openings with elastic on my serger, and then placed the fur trim folded in half under the hemline and topstitched it on to secure. For the hat trim I cut a long rectangle of fur the circumference of my head by 4 inches. I stitched the hat trim folded in half with the fur pile on the outside, to the right side of the hat. It looks like if they hit you in the chest with that, you’d go flying right through that awesome Zoolander 2 poster. This standard-size, polyester costume includes a muscle-molded jumpsuit, chest armor, gloves, and mask. I added a few purchased pieces, including the collar, pink gloves, along with fur wrist cuffs I had from another project, and stitched fur pom poms onto the hat ends, and red and black boots. She was introduced to a whole new audience without her usual black and red harlequin bodysuit, jester cowl, and little white ruffled cuffs.

I stitched this piece by hand at the center front with white thread, and then simply pinned the fur collar to the neckline when worn. It’s not the only weapon they got their hands on either, revolver held firmly in her hand. This cosplayer has got her massive hammer slung over their shoulder, ready to smash someone’s head like a melon. Having Katana in the background is a nice cameo, her katana ready to purge some poor sap of their soul. Duarte is locked and loaded, ready to deal all sorts of damage to anyone who gets on her bad side. Stitched the black side to the red side to join the hat together. Harlene is portrayed with a professional lab coat, black tie and red shirt, combined with round glasses and hair in a bun which echoes her appearance in Mad Love, the fan-favorite episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Some of the highlights of this section are girls’ Jared Leto Crocodile Coat, Joker Silver Coat, and more.

As the criminals come together to fight a mysterious and powerful entity, learning to work together, while the diabolical Joker played by Jared Leto gets into another evil agenda of his own. There, unfortunately, tends to be a stigma when it comes to guys doing it while one doesn’t necessarily exist for women. When it comes to gender-bent cosplay, you don’t often see it done with guys for female characters, the inverse being more often true. Try new outfits, be edgy, be reckless and find your inner feisty self with our outstanding movie jackets and cosplay, for the Cons, theme dress up parties, Halloween parties and any other dress-up event in your neighborhood. Google searches for ‘Kim Kardashian Met Gala Halloween Costume’ spiked after September’s Met Gala event. This is a great outfit for Halloween parties trick-or-treating and comic book conventions. 1, the one-shot comic that introduced Harley’s origin story. Great costume for Halloween, comic conventions, and more! To date, joker and harley quinn halloween costumes it has attracted more than 128 million views. I even added red ornaments to my black tree to add some more Harley flair! Harley Quinn turning aside her past and pursuing a new life as a hero would be an interesting story to read, something that was sort of touched on during the recent zombie even.

I started hemming the opening in the same way I did for the leg openings, but instead of sewing the fur directly to it, I created sort of a detachable collar by stitch the two short back pieces together and then folding the entire thing in half with the fur side out and topstitching the raw edges together. I then stitched up the hat, folding each side in half and sewing along the angled side for each color. After those were secure, I stitched the black front to the red front, and the black back to the red back, and sewed up the side seams, shoulder seams, and crotch seams. Once all of my pattern pieces were ready, I laid my red fabric and black fabric unfolded right sides together so I only had to cut out once. If you are one of the craziest fans of Harley Quinn, then this is an attire that you must grab onto right away! Grab the lip liner in leather and draw one half of her mask over your other eye, coloring it in nice and dark.