Batman Vs Electro | battle #shorts

Batman Vs Electro the amazing spiderman 2 Mcu | battle

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39 thoughts on “Batman Vs Electro | battle #shorts”

  1. Cap let's fix it

    Strength-batman (he fought superman and won)
    Durability – batman took superman punch3s
    Speed – batman batmobile
    Agility – batman because of warehouse fight
    Iq batman
    Battle iq batman
    Power and abilities batman knows 127 martial arts billionare and genius
    Stamina batman he fought superman
    Endurance batman took superman hits
    Batman wins mid diff

  2. Batman literally just needs to throw a water balloon at electro and he wins the fight…

    Sure electro is pretty much a God, but Batman literally FIGHTS GODS like it's nothing

  3. Batman( DCEU) has an insane amount of plot armour. People say that Batman fought Superman whereas it was Superman just playing around. One punch not holding back and Batman would have been dead, without his precious precious plot armour Batman can be easily killed

  4. Wey Batman podría aserse ceniza si electro lo electrocuta ni tiene poderes apenas es un hombre con un traje de un murciélago y no es como Spiderman que es un súper héroe verdadero y con poderes que aguanto la electricidad de electro y Batman nicagando lo hace lo mismo que Spiderman Batman se hace ceniza en un dos por tres😂

  5. I think Jaime foxx one of the most talented human beings to ever live, truly a genius. But casting him for Electro was just not a good fit. Maybe it was the writing, idk it was just off.

  6. I have no idea wtf the pinned comment is smoking lmfao so lemme fix the very obvious things he got wrong

    Strength – fighting someone doesn't measure strenght plus Electro takes this
    Durability – he's got the right idea but Electro takes it
    Speed – having a vehicle of any sort doesn't measure your speed lmfao, Electro takes this
    Agility – has the right idea but isn't specific enough to why he takes it
    Iq + biq – that's correct
    Power + abilities – dawg having learned multiple martail arts and being a billionaire doesn't even measure those, it measures combat and skill lmfao
    Stamina + Endurance – fighting someone doesn't measure your stamina and endurance as well lmfao. Stamina is only measured by how long you can fight and endurance is measured by how long you can take said damage
    Electro takes this easily if Batman was given prep time he would've had a better chance of winning.

    Overall, the comment was really painful to read through because it was so poorly constructed, this man doesn't even know what he's talking about

  7. Bro made his abilities a category just so Batman would loss 😂 get rid of the “electrical manipulation” and the “telekinesis” category and Batman wins

  8. Here is mine

    Context: this is Batman with prep time

    Durability:Batman (if your wondering why, electro is weak to water😐)
    Iq:Batman duh
    Battle Iq: Batman
    Stamina: electro
    Power: electro
    Abilities: electro
    Endurance: Batman

    All of this is batman with prep time so he would probably win, but if batman found electro in a random place with out even knowing then batman gets bodied and electro takes the W

  9. Ain't nothing much Batman can do here in a straight up 1v1 with him, dude basically IS Electricity. He is as fast as lightning and can do that thing where he can make his body phase through things which negates a lot of things Batman tries to do to him and he can fly. If Batman tries to use any vehicles, Electro gets his hands on it, he can absorb all the power from it like an EMP but worse cuz there's no way it could recover cuz he would fry everything else in the process. Obviously if Batman is given prep time to research him, he can create traps n stuff to actually hurt Electro and nerf him long enough to do damage. Batman can fight but hed be shooting and kicking and punching lighting. Electro easily takes this low dif