Batman Makes Armor Out of People

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30 thoughts on “Batman Makes Armor Out of People”

  1. I love that If you know about metals that given what each metalman is made of this armor should actually really really suck. XD

    Platinum, good.
    Iron, not bad.
    Gold, not good (soft metal)
    Tin, bad (a goat can bite through it)
    Mercury? …that's a liquid…

  2. Is Owlwoman, Bushmaster, Godiva, Tazamanian Devil, Metamorpho, Element Woman, Elogated Woman, Elogated Man, Terra, Cyclone, Wildcat, Doctor Midnight, Stargirl, Stripes. And and also Fire, and Ice all in this DC Comic Book?

  3. I would be remiss if I did not point out the Metal Men are all androids, so not technically people, but still his armor is made up of sentient beings either way