Batman is the Best Training Motivation!

There are a number of fictional characters that make great training motivations, but in my opinion, batman sets the perfect example when it comes to training and self development

Not only is Bruce Wayne more relatable being a human, but the process he had to go through to become the Batman is a lot more realistic than others. Training his mind, body, expanding his knowledge and taking risks, this is easily the definition of “move in silence and let your accomplishments speak for itself” as he’s become successful in both the business world, and the superhero scene. And merely being a human, he’s been able to gain the respect of others and be one of the greats with hard work, and determination.

You can do anything you put your mind to, as long as you continue to show up – like Batman

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10 thoughts on “Batman is the Best Training Motivation!”

  1. They just ripped off mythology: Superman is Zeus; Batman is Hades; Aquaman is Poseidon; Flash is Hermes; Green Arrow is Apollo; Wonder Woman is Artemis AND an Amazon; Etc., etc., etc….